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Hiquphon, welcome.
Hiquphon was founded in 1983 in order to develop the ultimate dome tweeter targeted at the High End domestic hi-fi market.
Later, we introduced high quality inductors for loudspeaker cross over as well. 
Hiquphon is 100% owned by Mr.
Oskar Wroending, who has more than 40 years' of experience in the field of sound reproduction.
Oskar Wroending is personally responsible for all research, development and quality control. 

Why choose Hiquphon?
to music with love...
The love of good music is the driving force behind our success and our most important "measuring equipment" is experience and good hearing ability. Our main instruments therefore are our ears. But also computerized equipment from Audio Precision (AP) and BrŘel & Kjaer (B&K) are natural tools in research & development as well as in quality control of every single unit leaving our factory.
Since our start in 1983 we have produced more than 200,000 dome tweeters.

Among our customers you will find highly reputable manufacturers of fine High End equipment.
A number of small and medium sized dedicated High End manufacturers all over the world use our excellent tweeters.
And so do private audio enthusiasts.

More than 99% of our production goes abroad, and we supply from 2 units per shipment and up! DIY customers are very welcome in our "shop".
If perfect quality is your preference - Hiquphon is an excellent choice! Our prices are reasonable - and delivery is right on time, of course. 

Hiquphon dome tweeters.
Since Oskar Wroending founded the company, the Hiquphon dome tweeter has undergone constant improvement. Our continuous refining of the basic design has the sole purpose of achieving maximum listening pleasure.
Modifications are only accepted, when they contribute to the musical quality.
Our efforts have resulted in the following basic models 
OW 1 / Heavy coated, medium sensitivity: 87 dB, extremely broad-banded! 
OW 2 / Light coated, relative high sensitivity: 90 dB)
OW 3 / Rather heavy coated with a special Golden look. Sinsitivity is like the OW2
OW 4 / Acoustically and mechanically like OW3, but the dome is coated with special Platinum look
OW 5 / Acoustically and mechanically like OW3 and OW4, but the dome is with Classic Black look

All models are 3/4" soft dome type, multiple-coated, asymmetrically damped, hermetically sealed and all contain a multiple-damped multiple-chamber system. 
All models offer exceptional fine frequency and phase responses. 
We never compromise with the unique sonic quality, which includes extremely low distortion and remarkable musicality far beyond average standards. 
We offer a few special options as "add-on". See under "Technical description".
OWI and OW2 are both available as special gold models since 2001.