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Product survey 

General description 

The HIQUPHON tweeter D20xx-xx08-xx is a highly developed and sophisticated HIGH END unit. Sounds good, measures good!
We sell our dome tweeters to careful selected customers trough-out the world, who have demonstrated, through their products, their skills in sound reproduction.
The unit is a so-called soft dome tweeter (3/4" of an inch dome), and is unique in several aspects:

* Aluminum voice coil body and wire.
* Multiple chambers for custom designed fine adjustment.
* Several different special damping materials in several internal chambers.
* Saturated magnet gap (for low distortion).
* Perfect sealed housing.
* Heavy closed terminals on glass-fiber printed circuit board. Non-vibrating.
* Exponential semi horn loaded.
* Multiple layer coating.
* Low moving mass.
* Fast transient response.
* Large bandwidth (2 kHz to far above 20 kHz).

Compared to other tweeters on the market, Hiquphon offers a unit which since 1983 has been continuously developed and improved without changing the basic ideas. To day this tweeter is a top tuned high performance tool for domestic High Fidelity "sound pro's" to whom only the very best is good enough.
It was not constructed or intended what-so-ever for professional sound equipment as it has not been designed for highest power, but for lowest distortion, even if it has excellent power handling capabilities.
When Hiquphon started in the loudspeaker business it was commonly accepted that a dome tweeter with THD of 0.5% was very good quality!
So when HIQUPHON released the first dome tweeter with THD of 0.2% this was a fine improvement.
Introducing multiple damped resonance chambers, new horn geometry, new special coating materials, and new production methods making it possible to produce the unit with very small mechanical tolerances, it became a very interesting alternative for many serious manufacturers, who changed supplier permanently once they heard our units. Most of them have been happily supplied by Hiquphon ever since! 

to music with love...

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