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Technical data OW I (D2094-8708-0


"OW I"

Part No.: D2094-8708-03R / OWI

by Hiquphon 


Soft dome tweeter (3/4") offering a unique broad banded frequency response, great analytical capability and a medium-to-high sensitivity. 

Also including one of the finest dispersion characteristics possible. 

Unique stereo perspective, as they come in matched pairs selected within 0.5 dB throughout 2-20 kHz.

Excellent choice for a 2-way High-End speaker systems using an equal high-quality mid/bass with a suitable matching sensitivity.

Excellent with 3-way High-End speaker systems in general. 

Originally designed for domestic speakers but now widely used in carfi as well! 
Also used with great success in music studios. 

Special features:

Excellent frequency linearity 2 - 20 kHz +/- 1 dB typical
Excellent phase linearity
Smooth roll-off at high frequencies
Low and well controlled resonance frequency
Well controlled damped low frequency response, soft raising
Very broad-banded (2.0 kHz to 27 kHz)
Fast transient response
Very low distortion
A-periodic damped moving system 
Exponential phase-correction horn-loaded
Saturated magnet gap for low magnetic distortion
Perfect sealed housing
Heavy duty connectors for 2.5 mm2 lead wire
Excellent, mechanical robust, non-vibrating, soldering contact
Shock absorbing construction
Matched pairs within 0.5 dB in frequency range 2-20 kHz (OW types only)
Beautiful sound capabilities

to music with love...

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