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Technical data OW IIx (D2094-9008-03R)


"OW IIx" (x added in 2009 when OWII was slightly upgraded to more linear performance in the upper freq area).

Part No.: D2094-9008-03R / OWIIx 

by Hiquphon 


Soft dome tweeter (3/4") offering unique analytical capability and a high sensitivity. 

Also including one of the finest dispersion characteristics possible.

Well suited for speaker systems using equal high-quality midrange or mid/bass with a suitable matching sensitivity.  

Unique stereo perspective, as they come in matched pairs selected within 0.5 dB throughout 2-20 kHz.  

Excellent choice for 3 way systems in general. 

Also a fine choice with 2 way systems, if mid/bass is broad-banded enough to fit into the shape and level of the tweeter frequency response.

Originally designed for domestic speakers but now widely used in carfi as well! 
Also used with great success in music studios. 

Special features:

Excellent frequency linearity 5 - 20 kHz +/- 1 dB typical
Extremely fast transient response
Excellent phase linearity
Low well controlled resonance frequency
Well controlled damped low frequency response, soft raising
Broad-banded (2.5 kHz to 25 kHz)
Very low distortion
A-periodic damped moving system 
Exponential horn-loaded phase-correction
Saturated magnet gap for low magnetic distortion
Perfect sealed housing
Heavy duty connectors for 2.5 mm2 lead wire
Excellent, mechanical robust, non-vibrating, soldering contact

Shock absorbing construction
Matched pairs within 0.5 dB in frequency range 2-20 kHz (OW types only)
Beautiful sound capabilities

to music with love...

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