1st natural choice in 3/4" soft dome tweeters



...since 1983!

New options available 
for all OW types

Email us for more details and price.

No screw holes ... 
reduced outer diameter.

Order your exact diameter between °68 - °73 mm

4 screw holes 
(on °82,5mm circle)
Two straight parallel sides 
cut out.

Order distance 68 .. 74 mm

 Unique treble units (soft dome tweeters) made by Hiquphon
Brand names:
OW1, OW2, OW3, OW4, (OW5)

áto music with loveů)

You can buy them here... OW1, OW2, OW3, OW4 

Dedicated and highly specialized manufacturer of 3/4" Soft Dome Tweeters

Hiquphon golden dome OWII-G

Please feel free to email us for further information:

Yours sincerely

Oskar Wroending (OW)
Manager, founder (1983) and single owner of Hiquphon á
Hiquphon, The  basic Story


Denmark is a Kingdom in Scandinavia, Europe
and a member of the
European Union

Hiquphon, Purkaervej 80, 9490 Pandrup, Denmark.
Phone: +45 3086 1000
e-mail:á info@hiquphon.dk  

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